My Favorite Things...

I wanted to showcase some of my FAVORITE items I use when baking and decorating cookies! To see my entire list of FAVS check out my website at

#1 - Tipless Pastry Bags

[LEFT] - 100ct -

[RIGHT] - 200ct - - This is the one I buy!

Hands down this is my FAV brand. There are other brands out there cheaper, but once you figure in shipping you can't beat Amazon's price and they usually show up in 24 hours! I buy mine in 200 increments to get them a little cheaper and you can use these for so much more than just decorating cookies.

Why I like them:

  1. I have never had one bust in using them 1.5 years

  2. No extra material on the seam like other brands

  3. I like the texture feel

  4. COST! I don't feel bad throwing them away after each use, vs. washing out my old Wilton bags to re-use

  5. Show up in 24 hours with Amazon Prime usually!

#2 - Americolor Gel Food Paste

Another FAVORITE of mine, this is the ONLY brand of Gel Food paste coloring I use. Also this is the TOP item all my students from my cookie class buys. It is a GREAT STARTER KIT for food coloring and not to mention it can be used for other things in case cookie decorating is not your thing!

(Ex: butter cream icing, color cake/cupcake batter, pancakes, play dough, slime, etc.)

[LEFT] - 12 pack Student Kit, has all the colors you need to get started!

[2ND PIC] - 8 pack Student Kit, for those not ready to commit to 12 colors!

[3RD PIC] - This is what I buy, and great price on individual bottles. Over $1 savings from my local cake stores.

[FAR RIGHT] - Great deal on the larger (4.5oz) bottles in a package deal! Only $6.25 each!!!

#3 - Pre-cut Parchment Paper

[LEFT] - 500 sheets - - this is the one I buy, I use a lot!!!

[MIDDLE] - 120 sheets - - smaller package, still great price!

[RIGHT] - 100 sheets - - Reynolds, if you want a name brand

There are so many more of my FAVS, but I will stop can check out my entire list of go-to items on my website at

eIf you are in the North Dallas area and interested in learning how to decorate custom sugar cookies, or maybe you are just ready to take your decorating to the next level, come take a cookie class with me! All my classes can be found at I offer several Public Cookie Classes each month with multiple themes for beginners, and intro to stenciling and airbrushing almost quarterly. Or if you have a group of 6 or more, contact me HERE for details on private cookie classes for you and your friends!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out Mrs B Cookie School!!!



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