Life Saver - Where has this been all my cookie life?!?!

Updated: May 8, 2019

This toy is literally going to save me hours bagging icing, and if you sell DIY Cookie Kits or teach classes where you bag lots of icing, it is a MUST HAVE! Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Let me introduce you to the Tape Bag Sealer. This is the one I bought from Amazon Excell Tape Bag Sealer. And don't forget the tape, it does not come with it. There are a ton of options, but I opted for CLEAR, but here are lots of option and colors to pick from HERE.

HOW IT WORKS: I created this little video last night, and this coming Monday I have a class I will have to bag at least 32 bags, so I will do another video of me using it for that! Let me know what you think!


First I was going to order this cute Innopink sealer from another cookie vendor, but it was Sold Out. So, of course I went to Amazon and started researching other options and I found out, I do not have to spend $60, there were a lot of other options out there. NOW, they are not pink, but I am super frugal! I read hundreds of Amazon reviews and decided on this one that was an Amazon Choice too, and it arrived 2 days later...YAY for PRIME! Don't forget to order tape, it does NOT come with it.

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